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Supplementary Regs - Covid 19

           Waltham Chase Members Interim Update.

We have two practice sessions booked at Oakridge.

The first is on Saturday 27th June for Youth’s, and Youth riders with accompanying riding parents or guardians.

The second is on Sunday the 28th June, the next day, for adult riders.

The start time for both is 11.am

The course will include a long lap, around eight acres of woodland.

The Practice is “ridden” just like a Trial, with no scores, over 15 marked sections. You can ride as many laps as you can fit in. There is no “freestyle” practice area as we need to maintain a controlled rider “flow” around the course.

The entry is limited to 40 riders on each day.

The Supplementary Regs are now available for both sessions.

The booking process is now  a little simpler, but you will need to download an entry form to bring on the day.




Until further notice all Waltham Chase MCC trials and practice sessions are open to Club members only.

All trials and practice sessions are by way of “pre-entry” only.

There is no facility to obtain "day membership" or single day ACU competition licences.

Spectators are not permitted to entre any venue or access the course.

We must comply with all social distancing and safety instructions.

If you are not pre-entered to an event, please do not turn up, you will not be able to enter the venue.

Within the next four weeks there will be plenty of opportunity for all members to ride.


 Information for members intending to ride in any Waltham Chase practice or Trial


1.  Only Waltham Chase Club Members with a current ACU Trials Registration can take part.

2.  Riders must travel either individually or with members of their household to the event - transport cannot be shared between riders from different households.



1. All Waltham Chase Club members with a current ACU Trials Registration will be notified by email of upcoming events from a dedicated account. 

2. Details of events will not be posted on Facebook.

3. The email address for all Club Entries is: entry4walthamchasemcc@outlook.com  Check your Junk Folder to make sure you accept these emails.

4. We suggest that members who have not provided an email address on their “Membership Form” provide a contact email we can use to send event information. If this is not possible, we will send an SMS, or phone to the small number of members this relates to.


1. Membership is validated using the ACU online system to confirm affiliation; however, riders should still carry their ACU card as photographic identification will be required before you ride.

2. Entries will not be accepted unless an ACU Trials Registration can be validated prior to entry.

3. All events, including practice sessions are booked as “Pre-Entry” only until further notice. 

4. There will be “no on the day” entry or day licences.

5. The notification email will confirm the entry limit for the Trial and will have an entry form attached.

6. If you intend to ride advise as soon as possible by return email, with the information as requested on the email. 

7. If for any reason your plans change notify the Club ASAP to enable your place to be reallocated. 

8. As soon as the entry limit is reached no further entries will be accepted. An email notification will advise ENTRY FULL.

9.Riders will be sent a confirmation email. if you do not receive this confirmation do not turn up at the event. Names of all riders must be registered in advance of the event.

10. Consider all potential risks before you enter an event and read the declarations you sign on the Entry and Signing On forms before you ride and especially this additional wording:

Covid-19 · I acknowledge the Organisers are operating this event in accordance with Government guidelines, advice, and instruction so as to minimise the risk to Competitors, Marshals and Officials and the public from Covid-19. · By participating in this event, I will take all necessary steps to protect myself and others from the risk of infection. I agree to follow and abide by any instructions set down by the Organiser in an effort to minimise the risk of the Covid-19 virus. · I acknowledge and accept the underlying and unavoidable risk of infection from the Covid-19 virus


1.   Current ACU regulations do not allow spectators at trials.

2.   Only riders and officials should attend. (No minders, family, or friends)

3. We must have in advance of any trial or practice the names of riders, officials and if applicable “observers” attending.

4. PPE will be provided for Officials, and for Observers when we get back to running “scored events”


1. On the day of the Trial wait at the gate to be directed to a place to park and leave two meters between vehicles. 

2. Place a copy of your riding number in your vehicle windscreen to enable the gate keeper to check you in.

3. The gates will be closed after the published start time. No casual spectators will be allowed access.


1. Bring your completed entry form in a sealed envelope. 

2. You will have the option to pay by BACS in advance. This is the preferred option. Cash or cheques should be put in the envelope.

3. Credit card payments are not currently accepted.

4. The entry form must be completed in full, including the method of payment. If paying by cash, you should enclose the correct fee as no change will be given.

5. Post your “entry envelope” in the sealed ballot box provided. The envelopes will be quarantined and will not be removed or opened for four days.

6. Please follow the “one way” system at the signing on desk and leave two meters between yourself and the rider in front of you. The “signing on” caravan will have a closed Perspex window. The secretary of the meeting will not be able to talk to you. 

As you walk past the window please show your riding number card and the photo side of your ACU Trials Registration.

7. Riders must provide details of an emergency contact, who is available on the day of the trial, on the entry form.

8. Please note that until further notice there will be no administration carried out at the “Signing on Desk”. You will not be able to obtain an entry form, membership form, day licenses, riding numbers, etc. 

9. We will provide hand sanitizer at the control desk; however, a condition of entry will be for riders to bring their own PPE. 

10. The entry fee for normal Trials will be confirmed when we are able to organize an event but will take into consideration the cost of land and a full complement of paid Observers and Marshalls, along with any entry number restrictions.

Note: Rule Change - you will no longer need to “sign on”at the start, but you must sign your entry form.


1. Put a number card on the front of your bike, using the “Riding  Number” issued for the season by the Club, Ideally in the route colour you ride, or add a coloured sticker if you have a white number plate.

2. There will not be a verbal briefing at the start to avoid grouping of riders. Supplementary instructions will be posted on the “Notice Board”.

3. There will be one-way system to and from “the pits area” and a clearly marked ‘start gate’ to begin the trial and to start new laps, and also a separate “finish gate”. Anybody who has had a rest at their vehicle should only re-join the trial through the start gate when authorized to do so.

4. Instructions where to start and in which direction to ride will be posted at the desk. There will be “orange arrows” to indicate the direction of travel. We will operate a strict one-way system.

5. Please do not skip sections, back track, or ride in the wrong direction.

6. Start times will be staggered.

7. The sections will be marked on the side of caution and you should only attempt obstacles within your capability; however, accidents can still happen.

8. A maximum of three riders are allowed into a Section to inspect it at any one time. If possible, a one-way system will be established for the riders to walk through.  Social distancing measures to be adhered to at all times.

9. Marshalls will be on hand to help wherever possible, however you should be mindful that Marshalls, other rider’s, or Observers may not rush to your assistance in the event of an accident as is current practice. If you fall or have an incident give a ‘thumbs up’ to show you do not need assistance.

10. You should wherever possible ride in “pairs” with a riding friend, maintaining a safe distance but being prepared to assist if you have problems during the event. 

11. When waiting at a “section” please leave two meters between riders. 

12. You should not ride through sections to get to the next section if there are riders in the section.


1.There will not be a catering van for the foreseeable future, so please bring refreshments with you, including water in hot weather.

2. There will be no waste collection points. Please take all litter home with you.

3. There will be no toilet facilities at any events to further notice.

4. Dogs should not be brought to any events until further notice.

5. Riders should bring their own basic first aid kit to use in case of minor injury.


For Practice Sessions Only:

1. To give as many riders as possible the chance to ride there may be two sessions on the same day. Please arrive and depart at the time advised when we confirm your booking.

2. There will be a clean break between rider groups when the car park should be empty.

3. Do not arrive for any “timed session” before the indicated time. You will not be able to gain access and may hinder riders leaving from earlier sessions.

4. For Practice Trials all administration is as above, including the use of your rider number.

5. Only “Trials Machines” will qualify for entry at practice sessions.

6. The entry fee for all practice Trials will be £15.00.

These rules apply to “Club” Trials only. Centre events will be booked using the ACU online process.





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