Waltham Chase Trials Motorcycle Club

Club History

1972 - Formation of the club (P1)

September 1972 - Waltham Chase Boys Motorcycle Club (P0) was formed by David Hamer based at Shedfield in Hampshire. The aim of the club was to involve the youngsters in the running of the club as much as possible. As well as the normal motorcycling events of scrambling, trials and grass track the club wanted a meeting place and a workshop where the boys could build and maintain their machines. The workshop was planned for the wooden Waltham Chase Hut, but this burned down on the 18th September (P3), soon after the club was formed. Commander Richard Phillimore who became the President of the club had previously offered the club a track at Shedfield and he stepped forward to offer ‘The Barn’ as an alternative for club meetings and to act as a workshop.

The committee was led by Ted Hawker as Chairman and Mike Gamblin as Vice Chairman.

Publicity for the start of the club (P2) Initially there were twelve riding members of the club and David Hamer appealed to the local community for donations of bikes for the boys to build for those who could not afford to buy bikes themselves. David Hamer wanted the club to be affordable for all and not just open to those who could buy expensive machinery. Initial members included Dave and Shaun Hamer (Dave Hamer’s sons), Andrew Pullinger, and Craig Allen. Dave rode a home made KTM with a 50cc SACHS motor which he used for trials. scrambles and riding in the display team.

1972 - Autumn Ringwood Demonstration (P4)

Autumn 1972 - Members of the Ringwood Schoolboy Motorcycle Club came to demonstrate display team riding, trials and scrambles to members of the WCBMCC at Sandpit in Sandy Lane, Shedfield. It’s reported that over 200 people came along to watch the new club put through it’s paces standing on the edge of the natural amphitheatre of the sand pit. Warrant Officer Ray Prince who trained the Royal Marines Motorcycle Display Team offered to train the club members when they were ready to learn display riding.

1973 - WASPS Display Team begins (P5)

January 1973, Royal Marines began training the WCBMCC display team under the guidance of Ray Prince who’s children Diane (14) and Gary (9) belonged to the club.

1973 - WASPS Display Team Demonstrations (P6)

June 1973, the club had over 100 members with a mixture of boys and girls and had a programme of displays planned at local fairs and fetes through the summer. The programme included in August a display at the Portsmouth and Southsea Show on the same bill at the famous Army White Helmets Display Team.

1973 - Army White Helmets Weekend.(P7)

November 1973 - The White Helmets were impressed by the performance of the WASP’s at the Portsmouth and Southsea Show and invited the WASPS up to their base in Catterick in Yorkshire as their guests for a training weekend. 30 youngsters and the families went for the weekend with the bikes transported in two lorries. It was reported that the highlight for the army was trying the youngsters Bultacos and Ossas which were light and purpose built for trials compared with their ’cumbersome’ Triumphs and BSAs. John Gamblin won two trials during the weekend.

1973 - Mike Channon (P8)

Southampton and England footballer Mike Channon came along as the guest starter for a Schoolboy Trial at Titchfield Lane near Funtley.

1973/1974 - Second Annual Meeting (P9)

The second annual meeting of the club at Bishops Waltham Youth Hall saw praise for the club in initiating the formation of a Youth Division of the ACU, Ted Hawker represented the club in negotiations. This meeting was reported in the press.

1974 - Wasps Display Team (P10)

The Wasps Display Team had a packed programme of sixteen events including the Southampton Show and the Portsmouth and Southsea Show. The team was 36 riders strong , eight girls and twenty eight boys under the management of Ray Prince. The team included Gary Blackmore a current member of the club (2020), he first joined the club in 1972.

1974 - Formation of the ACU Youth Section

In 1974 WCBMCC helped to initiate the youth section of the ACU with only three other clubs in the country including Surrey Schoolboys MCC. Ted Hawker was the club and Southern Centre representative as well as Secretary for the ACU Youth Section after it’s formation.

1976 - National Youth Championship Round (P11)

17th April 1976, the year after the inaugural 1975 ‘single event’ national youth championship the club hosted a round of the new six round national youth trials championship at Leythe Valley at Butser Hill. There was an entry of 69 riders in two classes, the Senior Boys for 14 to 16 year old and Intermediate for 11 to 13 year olds. Riders from Waltham Chase included Nick England, Trevor Gatrell, Jon Gamblin, Beverley Austin, Paul and Rob Doney, from Waterside Andy Gregory, Mike and John Hinton whilst from further afield future trials stars were Len Hutty, Glen Scholey, Howard Jackman and Dave Clinkard. Steve Blagden the 1975 Youth Championship winner was also part of the entry. Ray Haslam won the Senior Class by one mark from Chris Sutton, both riders from Surrey Schoolboys club. Paul Prout on a 250cc Kawasaki was the top WCBMCC member. In the intermediate class Howard Jackman from Rochdale was the clear winner whilst Tony Swain was the top WCBMCC member. A full list of riders and results are included in the photographs.

1976 - Ted Hawker resigns as chairman (P12)

Ted Hawker resigned as chairman of WCBMCC after four years in post due to moving to the north of the country. During his four years he helped to administer trials and scrambles events and saw the highly successful WASPS display team increase in popularity. The membership of the club rose to 200 members. Mike Gamblin took over as Chairman.

1977 - National Youth Championship Round (P13)

The National Round was held for Cadets and Juniors, for the younger age group with Yamaha YT 80’s being the most popular machine. In the national event Tony Scarlett was the top Junior losing just nine marks to finish well ahead of the field. In the Cadets, Bruce Hamer from Wrexham finished top in a small field of riders.

1978 - National Youth Championship Round (P14)

The third Chase Trophy Trial included.

1980 - Change of Chairman

Mike Aldous is elected Chairman of the club committee.

1981 - Mick Whitlock Visit

Mick Whitlock famous for his ‘Whitehawk’ trials bikes came to visit the club to sell spares.

1982 - Hut Hill Travellers

Traveller’s moved into the Hut Hill trails ground site.

1982 - Adult riders

In October 1982 Barry Ansell first proposed allowing adults to ride as the entry numbers had fallen.

1982 - Committee Changes

Harry Sparke was elected the chairman of the club. Dick and Linda Hoyles took on the running of the trails section.

1985 - New Chairman

Barry Ansell elected as club chairman.

1986 - Name change - turned down

A proposal was made in April 1986 to change the name of the club from Waltham Chase Boys Motorcycle Club as this was considered to be discriminatory - not agreed.

1986 - Propaganda Trial

In November 1986, the first Propaganda Trial was held.

1986 - New Chairman

Paul Hayter elected as club chairman.

1987 - Adult riders allowed

The proposal to allow adult riders to take part in trials was put to Southern Centre ACU and the headquarters in Rugby. Agreed by the ACU and supported by other local clubs.

1988 - Hut Hill

On behalf of the club, Dick Hoyles renegotiates the contract with the Forestry Commission for the use of Hut Hill.

1989 - First female club chairperson

Doreen Earle became the club chairman and Bob and Irene Dixon took on the trials section from Dick and Linda Hoyles.

1990 - Problems at The Barn

14th November 1990 - Riding was suspended at the Barn by Commander Phillimore to April 1991 due to Illegal riding, A burnt out car, badger sets and the extension of the neighbouring golf course.

12th April 1991 - The end of The Barn

The Barn, which had been the home base for the WCBMCC since the start of the club in 1972 was considered unsuitable for future Trials. All events were moved to Hut Hill in 1991.

1992 - New Trails Section Leader

Stan Earle took over the running of the trials section.

1993 - Dave Renham Sporting MC Show

13th Feb 1993 - 30 members hired a minibus to attend The Dave Renham Sporting MC Show.

1993 - The end of the Wasps.

The display team arm of the Waltham Chase club severed it’s links with the host club and relinquished the ‘Wasps’ name, continuing as a independent group.

1993 - 21st Anniversary

The Club celebrated its 21st in 1993 and as part of the celebration Geoff Chandler was invited to present the Awards at the presentation held on 21st Jan 1994.

1995 - A Few Dates
24th Sept - Youth display at West Neon Scout Hut
12th Nov - Practice for Yellow Route Riders - Sammy Miller Land - Sway
18th Nov - Trial All classes - Hut Hill
25th Nov - Waltham Chase AGM

1996 - Logo Competition (P15)

A competition for a new logo was introduced as the old logo has a chequered flag which doesn’t represent club activities.

1996 - ACU Award

June - 1996 - The club were awarded a £100 from the ACU for promoting Youth trials in the Southern Centre. This award was presented to the club after being supported by other clubs in the Southern Centre.

1996 - Steve Saunders Training Day

27th July 1996 - Terry Graves organised a training day with Steve Saunders at Hut Hill. Riders who attended were Nicky Wright, Richard Rayner, Leigh and Paul Emery, Andrew Wright, Thomas Copp, Michael Graves, Peter Gray, Dan Hanslip and Robin Howard. Activities included a series of sections set out by Steve for the riders to work through and at the end of the day the riders challenged Steve to the most difficult sections they could think of. Boys were given certificates and Steve a letter of thanks and a pot plant for Mrs Saunders ‘in case he got home late’.

1996 - Dates
27th Jan - Waltham Chase MCC Awards Evening
9th Aug - Rd 8 Final round of the Youth Barn Series
10th Aug - Wobblers/Beginners Trial
25th Aug - Geoff Chandler Trophy Trial - Bryce’s Farm
15th Sept - Trial - Semley Camping Weekend
31st Dec - Propaganda Trial - Hut Hill

2004 - New Chairman

Mike Wiseman elected as the club Chairman.

2004 - Club Name changed

The club agreed to change the club name to drop the ‘boys’ name. Waltham Chase Trials Motorcycle Club adopted.

2013 - Oakridge Copse

The club gained use of a new piece of land at Oakridge Copse near Alderbury owned by Tony Henbest. The land has limited parking and is ideal for Beginner’ Trials with a small entry. It was first for a Beginners’ Trial in February 2013.

2016 - Keith Marshall Classic

April 2016 - The Keith Marshall Classic was added to the clubs programme of events specifically for Pre 65, Twinshock and Mono Classics. There was a special class for youth riders on TY80’s. Chris Marshall, son of the late Keith came along with his Dad’s Villiers engined Sun machine.

2019 - Loss of Hut Hill

November 2019 - Without any notice Hampshire County Council moved into the Hut Hill car park to us it as a compound to build a new cycle path. Club events had to be cancelled, and then relocated to other sights as the car park was due to be used until at least March 2020. There was a disagreement over the ownership of the land and the car park area.

2019 - Mark Francis

October 2019 - Long time club member Mark Francis died after being taken ill during the Southampton and District MCC Jack White Trophy Trial at Bryce’s Farm.

2020 - Covid Lockdown

March 2020 - All trials activities were temporarily cancelled due to the Covid 19 Pandemic.

2020 - The return of Hut Hill

June 2020 - The keys to Hut Hill were returned to the club after the construction of the new cycle path.

2020 - The return of practice trials

June 2020 - Under strict guidance from the ACU one of the first trials practice sessions was arranged for over 50 riders at Oakridge Copse, Alderbury near Salisbury.

July 2020 - Return of Competitive Trials - After some highly successful practice trials including a camping weekend at Cadnam Lane the first competitive trial after the lockdown was held at Woodberry Lane Rowlands Castle with the Keith Marshall Classic Trial. The Pre65 C Route being won by Keith Marshall’s son Chris on a Matchless.