What do I have to do to ride in a Trial?

All you need to do is register with the ACU and join the Club. You can do this in advance, or at any trial but before you ride. Then just come along and take part, existing members will show you what to do and offer advice. For each event you will need to complete an entry form and pay an entry fee. Entry forms can be downloaded from the entry forms section of this site.

Do I need special clothing?

All riders must wear helmets and suitable protective boots. Youth members must wear gloves and have their arms covered. Shorts cannot be worn by any rider. Whilst it is nice to have professional riding clothes you can wear jeans and sweatshirts if you prefer. It is advisable to bring along some wet weather clothing as we still run events in the rain.

What type of bike can I ride as a youth rider?

Read the ACU Rules for current regulations. This is a complex area and is based on age and engine capacity.

What is a CTC event?

CTC is "Closed to Club". You must be a member of Waltham Chase to enter these events. We hold a CTC Championship each year which is made up of 8 "rounds".

What is an OTC event?

OTC is "Open to Centre". Any ACU member from the Southern Centre can take part. These events are often more challenging than CTC trials but there are rewards of Trophies for class winners.

Why do you have so many events at Hut Hill?

Land is very difficult to find and can be expensive to hire. We pay up to £250 per day for some of the land we use. We pay an annual charge for Hut Hill and have to use the land at least 10 times to recover our outlay. We are constantly looking for new land to use and will pay £30.00 to any member who finds land we hold an event on. We often advertise for new venues but have had no recent success. Click here for land advert.

Can I practice at Hut Hill?

No. It is not possible to practise at Hut Hill except on organised Practice Days which will be advertised on this website and in the TMX. Due to restrictions we are only able to use Hut Hill for a limited number of days each year. If we exceed the authorised days we are at risk of losing the use of the land.

Where can I practice?

The only current practice site we are aware of is Sandpit Farm, Poole Rd, Lytchett Matravers BH16 6AG. You must contact the owner on 07768 241100 in advance to book.

What is a "Youth and Wobblers Series?"

This is a series of 6 trials we hold each year designed for young and inexperienced riders. This is an ideal series for new riders wanting to get started in the sport.

I do not want to ride in events but would like to join the club. Is there anything I can do to get involved?

Yes. We are always keen to welcome affiliated members who can join in and help with "observing". This is an ideal way of getting involved without riding. We pay observers expenses to cover the cost of travelling and lunch.

What does an Observer do?

See Observers Information. Observers watch and score riders as they progress through a section. We train all new observers and issue instructions. Without observers we are not able to hold events.

Is there a minimum age to become an observer?

Yes. The minimum age is 12 years.

What is the Club membership fee for?

This is used to cover the cost of land, awards, stationery, postage, punch cards, flags etc. We need to charge a membership fee to keep the Club viable, as on occasion an event is run at a loss.

I don't want you to use photographs of me.

If you do not want your images published please tell the "desk" when signing on. We like to use picture of members to promote the club and with TMX articles but understand if you do not want yours used.

What route should I ride?

For youth riders ACU regulations apply. For all other riders there are "novice" classes for the under 40's and "veteran" classes for the over 40's. Beginners generally start on a "yellow" route, progressing through "white" and "red" routes as they improve. You can only ride as an "intermediate" or "expert" after being upgraded by the ACU.

Can I come to the Waltham Chase AGM?

All members are invited to attend the AGM. Details of our AGM's are printed in the Club Newsletter. See our news section.

Are there Caterers at all events?

We usually have a "burger van" at all Sunday events, but this is not guaranteed. Please look at messages on website before any event for confirmation, as from time to time our caterers are not able to attend.

There is no caterer for Saturday afternoon events.

If you know a caterer who can support as a secondary supplier please let us know.

How can I find out about other events?

The Sporting Motorcyclist contains entry forms & regulations, information, previews & reports on meetings & social events, news from the ACU and over 160 clubs in the Southern, South Eastern & South Midland Centres, fixtures, championship tables and photos.

The costs are:
1 Year subscription second class post £20
1 Year subscription first class post £22
2 Year subscription second class post £34
2 Year subscription first class post £36

Make cheques payable to: The Sporting Motorcyclist

Send your : Name, address, phone, email and what discipline you compete in.
To: Mr Andy Wood, 30 Westways, Edenbridge, Kent, TN8 64A.
Stating: Please send me "The Sporting Motorcyclist"
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