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News Update 4th March 2024

News Update and a Members Bike For Sale


Expertise and help urgently needed.

As a result of the recent heavy rain the track leading to Ham Lane and the Hop Garden at Langrish, two of our better venues, is unusable – it has literally been washed away for about the first 75 meters under the trees just after you enter through the gate.

It still has a solid base, but elements of loose aggregate have been washed away and ruts have been created.

This not only affects Waltham Chase, but other local Clubs who use the land – we are all in it together!

We really need some advice regarding the best way to put the track into good order and then some help to do the work. There is yard parking close by for machinery if required and the farmer also has access to plenty of old road tarmac that could be crushed and laid.

Funding is available for materials and machinery use.

The easy option would be to give up on the venue – not an option we want to consider!

All offers of advice and help appreciated.

Please contact Mick Morris on 07956 323832 if you can help.


Our first visit to Ham Lane is for The Alan Sansom on July 28th.


Club Championship Round 3 – This Saturday.

The entry for Round 3 of the Club Championship being held on Saturday 9th March at Hut Hill is now Fully Booked and Closed.

We do still need a couple more Observers and a Back Marker. All offers of help are appreciated, with £20.00 expenses paid to volunteers.

If you are available to help, please reply by email to walthamchasetrials@outlook.com

Deb’s Catering van is confirmed and will be serving refreshments from 9.15 am.


The St Paul Trophy Trial

The “St Paul Trophy” is being held at Hut Hill on Sunday 7th April. The venue has been chosen to ensure that we will be able to provide easy parking for 80 riders – everywhere else is too wet!

All profit from this Open To Centre Trial will be donated to the ACU Benevolent Fund.

The prestigious St Paul Trophy will be awarded to the best Expert, subject to a minimum class entry of five.

Entry link:  https://acu.sport80.com/public/wizard/e/202642

Debs Catering Van is Confirmed.


Hut Hill Practice Day

Our next Open Practice Day is being held at Hut Hill on Saturday 20th April. Online entry via the Sport80 link: https://acu.sport80.com/public/wizard/e/202946

The venue will be open from 11.00am through to 3.00pm.


Problems with your ACU Licence Renewals?

I think most members have now renewed their ACU Trials Registration for 2024.

However, just a reminder, in case you have not yet renewed, that you need to join an ACU Club before you can obtain an ACU Licence. (Trials Registration)

If you have any problems just ask, easier to get it sorted now rather than wait to when you want to enter an event.


As a quick fix there can be an issue where you have renewed your ACU licence, but you cannot enter events as your “Registration” has not been updated.

The fix is log into your account on Sport80, go to your profile and then “ACU Competitor Licenses”.

Click on the red “Lapsed” button.

It will take you through a process where you will need to click on to either “Trials Registration Solo” or the appropriate Youth Registration Class.


If you want to become a Waltham Chase MCC Club Member, go to the link: https://acu.sport80.com/public/wizard/a/1534


ACU Membership and Membership Card

If you are entering a Trial “on the day”, you will be asked for sight of your ACU Membership card.

To download your ACU Membership Card go to your profile on Sport80.

Then go to Trials Adult Solo (Or relevant Youth Class) and click on to EDIT and then click on RESEND ACU COMPETITOR LICENCE EMAIL.

You will receive an email, follow the instructions to either download a Membership Card to print of follow the instructions to upload to your phone.


Clubs are under pressure to make sure that all entrants have a valid licence – the event Insurance will not cover you if you do not have one.

Best to get it in place to save your Club having problems.


NOTE: There is a bug in the Membership system where, when entering an event, you may only be able to select Unaffiliated and not your own Club. The fix for this will be in place shortly.


2023 Trophies for Collection

Sue will have the trophies not picked up at the Awards Presentation at Hut Hill on Saturday.

They will be available after 11.00am. Pop along to the desk when you have a break and pick them up.


Members Bike for Sale

2022 TRS one R

One careful, over 60 owner.

Well maintained. £3900 ONO.

Please contact Shaun on 07761058007 for further information.


Mike Wiseman

Tel: 07533 741177