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AGM and News Update



The Doreen Earle Trophy Trial is being held today (25th October) at Cadnam


Gates open at 11.00 for a 12.00 start


Please close the gate behind you when entering the venue - there are donkeys roaming in the lane!


The Car Park is signposted and is very firm, there are no parking issues.


The course is reasonably dry considering the recent rain , but do  keep away from the "boggy bits" in the wood


Please keep dogs on a lead and supervise youth riders at all times.


Burgers, hotdogs and drinks are available - All takings are for the Dementia UK Charity


There will be a raffle and sale of unwanted items - again all for the charity



Waltham Chase AGM Minutes and News Update


The 2014 Waltham Chase AGM was held on the 22ndOctober at The Ship Inn Redbridge.

There were 19 members present; this was confirmed to be a quorum, sufficient representation of the membership to agree any proposed changes for 2015.


Chairman’s Report

2014 has been a very busy year for Waltham Chase. Possibly becoming too busy at times; in 2014 we have held a total of 24 trials, a Camping Weekend, an “Awards Presentation”,  a Steve Saunders Training Day, displayed at the Netley Marsh Country Fair for three days, and just for good measure we squeezed in a couple of practice days.

We also held two “Beginners Trials” at Oakridge Copse and were hoping to book a third before the year end.


The Club currently has 188 named members, five more than in 2013


An enthusiastic committee holds regular meetings at the Old Ship Inn in Redbridge.


Waltham Chase has a very active “veteran” membership and we are also pleased to report an increasing number of younger members, however we have a very small Expert and Pre65 membership.


This year the Camping Weekend, held at the new Cadnam venue, attracted the largest attendance we have had to date. The 2015 Camping Weekend is already planned for the 3rd-5th July, again at Cadnam, which we hope will attract even more riders and their families. We thank Mark Parry-Norton for allowing us to use his land


The problem of finding “observers” has remained an issue throughout year. We do ask every member to observe, or provide an observer for at least one Trial each year, but realise that this is not always possible.

 It has been suggested that we may get more helpers if we offered some form of training for Observers; this is something we will consider.


We have been lucky in finding “Sam” our mobile caterer, who has kept us fed and watered in 2014. Sam will be attending our full day events in 2015.


There will be no catering at Saturday afternoon Trials – unless we confirm to the contrary on the website.


We would ask that you support Sam and make it worth her while attending our trials. It is a business!


We again held the ACU St Paul Trophy Trial and as a result donated £543.00 to the ACU Ben Fund. Waltham Chase also donated £250.00 to the Muscular Dystrophy Charity through a land payment for Bryce’s Farm


2014 saw the sad loss of Doreen Earle, however we will remember Doreen, by way of a new annual trophy to be awarded in her memory.


In 2013 we considered event sponsorship, however other priorities took over, and we did not really develop the opportunity in 2014. Perhaps we will revisit in 2015. Pete Brown and Princess Coaches are a consideration – however we must advise “other tour operators are available”.


Alan Ranger promoted www.endurotyres.com at the “Geoff Chandler” and donated a substantial gift to the Club.  For Alan we can say “No other tyre supplier is available”


We look forward to 2015 and have already started to plan events, including a “Late Christmas Quiz”, The Mayors Charity Trial, Camping, Netley Marsh and at least 20 Trials. We hope to see you at some of our events.



Financial Report


Waltham Chase had a financially successful year, however despite having an operational cash surplus we will need to review and increase our fees to reflect increased Insurance and ACU costs.


The key numbers from the 2014 accounts are:


  • Total income:                                      £ 18,912.76
  • Total expenditure:                              £ 17,810.44
  • Operating surplus                               £    1,102.32


Detailed accounts, bank statements and the Nationwide Building Society pass book were presented at the AGM.


The major items of expenditure were: ACU and Insurance payments (£5,301.24); Land (£3,375.00), Observers expenses (£1,255.00) and Awards (£1,515.94)


Just £16.10 Interest was earned from the Nationwide Account, but finding a better home for our cash is a challenge.


In summary, Waltham Chase MCC is financially secure, with £6,832.86 held in the Nationwide Treasurers Trust deposit account to cover emergencies and exceptional situations in the future.



Election of Waltham Chase Club Officials for 2015


Having received no resignations from existing officers the election of Officials for 2015 was a formality.



The 2015 Committee:


  • Hon Chairperson                                            Mike Wiseman
  • OTC Trials Organisers                                     Mike Wiseman 
  • Youth and Wobblers Series Organiser          Steve Earle
  • Beginners Series Organiser                            Vacant – no nominee
  • Closed to Club Trials Organiser                     Sue Saunders
  • Awards Presentation and Awards                Sue Saunders
  • Minutes Secretary                                          Maureen Latham
  • Club Secretary                                                Mike Wiseman
  • Treasurer                                                        Mike Wiseman (Open Book with Committee)
  • Membership Secretary                                   Sue Saunders
  • Child Protection                                            Zoe Earle, Helene Shergold    
  • Environmental Officer                                               Gareth Plews
  • Netley Marsh Cordinator                              Steve Earle
  • Press Officier                                                  Vacant – No nominee
  • Clerks of Course                                             Tony Billingham, Peter Brown, Bill Latham,

John Denham, Neil Marsh, Steve Earle, Steve Shergold,

  • Technical Official                                            Bill Latham, Steve Shergold, Steve Earle, John Rogers, Josh

Palmer, Gary Blackmore

  • Committee                                                     All named above.



Late nominations would be welcomed for the two vacant positions.




Fees and Concessions for 2015


The following fees and payments were agreed:


  • Club Membership      Single Member                       £15.00 No Change
  • Club Membership        Family           Membership               £ 20.00 New Charge
  • CTC Adult Entry                                                          £15.00 No Change
  • CTC Youth Entry                                                         £  5.00  No Change 

·                           OTC Adult Entry                                                        £20.00  Increase ( To reflect cost of awards)

  • OTC Youth Entry                                                        £ 10.00 No Change
  • Senior member(Over 65) concession                                    £10.00  No Change
  • CTC – Observer                                                           £15.00  Increase
  • OTC – Observer                                                          £ 20.00 Increase
  • Youth and Wobblers or Beginners Observer           No Payment made


Additional entry premiums may be charged to reflect the cost of land charges at some venues if necessary.


As a result of the Club having surplus funds any increases have been kept to a minimum, with the club absorbing additional costs for the next 12 months.


It is also much easier for Sue and Mo to deal in multiples of £5.00 on cold and wet Sunday mornings – especially after the Saturday night before! 



Summary of additional agreed actions at the AGM


  • The Club will remain affiliated to the ACU in 2015
  • Waltham Chase will use all current available land in 2015
  • Tony Billingham will liaise with Treefields, Lythe Farm and Steep Marsh land owners, when the 2015 event dates are confirmed, to book and secure the venues.
  • Mike Wiseman will liaise with the Butser Lime Works agent.
  • All 2015 Waltham Chase events will be run using ACU rule TSR22 - “Stopping Allowed”.
  • Members are to be reminded that it is a membership requirement to provide Observers for at least one event per year.
  • If sections are not fully observed at any trial riders will be asked to ride in pairs and mark each other. No self marking is permitted at any Trial.
  • To give observers a lunch break the Clerk of the Course will organise lunch time cover and agree a section close time to enable observers to leave sections when most riders have “finished”. Riders will be asked to observe to cover late finishers.
  • Observer Training will be provided to new willing volunteers.
  • At some events, where Expert riders are delayed, three instead of four laps will be completed for A route riders, to guarantee an acceptable finish time.
  • A “Conducted Beginners” Trial is to be organised to assist new members.
  • ACU “On Line Unique Registration” numbers will be issued on the reverse of 2015 Waltham Chase Membership Cards. The numbers are now available.
  • The Club will continue to issue conventional awards, but only to winners who confirm that they want to receive their award. (To save unnecessary expenditure)
  • For the purpose of rider and spectator safety no riding faster than walking pace is permitted in any parking or pit area. This includes wheelies and stunt riding.
  • As from January 1st 2015 the classification for Veteran and “Wrinkler” class riders will apply to riders over 50 years old and not 40 as per current classification. (All to do with the aging population!)
  • Waltham Chase will hold a “Try our Sport” event early in 2015 to promote Trials.




Additional News Update


The Doreen Earle Trophy Trial.

The “Doreen Earle” Trial, in memory of our late Waltham Chase president, is being held at Cadnam on Saturday 25th October, this Saturday, with a start time of 12.00.


There will also be a charity raffle and sale of unwanted motorcycle equipment, with all proceeds, or donations, being passed to the nominated charity – Dementia UK


Bring along your unwanted “clutter” to sell to help boost the charity fund.


Rumour has it that there is already a new TY80 tyre up for grabs!


Burgers, hotdogs and drinks will be provided by “the girls”, and again all takings will be donated to the charity.


Please be aware that there is only one route to access the venue; it is different than our last visit to Cadnam.


Leave the M27 at Junction 1 and follow the B3079 towards Bramshaw. After a short distance look out for the first (very sharp) turning to the right, Wittensford Lane, and drive on turning left into Kewlake Lane where you will see Waltham Chase direction markers.


Ryedown Lane – Clearance Day

Waltham Chase have not used Ryedown Lane for several years and as a result it is in need of a little, no actually quite a lot, of TLC.

We would like some helpers to do some serious clearing, mainly over grown rhododendrons on Saturday the 1st November. Please bring whatever equipment you think will be of use.

The Plan is to work from 10.00am through to 1.00 and then by way of reward have the afternoon practising and riding the sections created in the morning, in preparation for a club trial early in 2015.

The day will be cancelled if we have insufficient volunteers.

We do need to know in advance who is coming so that we can plan the day. About 20-30helpers would be ideal working in pairs, possibly creating 10 sections in total? Please confirm by email if you can help.


Club Championship – Round 7

Round 7, the penultimate round of the 2014 Club Championship, is being held at Lythe Farm, Limekiln Lane, Ramsdean, near Petersfield on Sunday 16th November. ( Signed from the Buriton exit of the A3)

We will aim to start as near to 10.00am as possible due to the darker evenings being upon us.


This is an excellent venue and well worth travelling the extra miles to get to.


Make sure you bring plenty of fuel – there will be considerable distance between some of the sections


We can confirm that“Sam’s Mobile Catering” will be on site.


Club Championship – Round 8 – “The Turkey and Tinsel Club Trial” at Hut Hill

This trial, the final round of the 2014 Championship series, will be held at Hut Hill on Sunday 14th December, the start time of 10.00.


Fancy dress, mince pies and other seasonal “stuff” is appreciated. Look out for further details on the website.


We can confirm that “Sam’s Mobile Catering” will be on site.


2015 Membership and ACU Affiliation unique codes

A 2015 Membership application form is now available to down load from the Waltham Chase website.


You can either post your application to the address shown on the form or hand it in at any Trial.

Your 2015 Unique ACU registration number will be on the reverse of your membership card.


Single membership is £15.00 and family membership is £20.00.


The Dick Hoyle’s Trophy Trial

The traditional “Dick Hoyle’” will be held at Hut Hill on the 31st December, New Years Eve (A Wednesday); this will be our last event of 2014.


Further details will be posted on the Web Site in December. An entry form is now available to download from the Waltham Chase Website.



The “Very Late Christmas Quiz”

Too much to do and too little time to do it in!

As a result of busy diaries we did not manage to book the annual Club quiz before Christmas, however due to popular demand, and the chance of another night out in dreary old January we are holding it on Friday 30th January.

Places are limited to a maximum of 50 guests.

The cost is £7.50 per guest including a basket meal of Cumberland sausage, Scampi, Veggie Samosa, Veggie Burger or Cod Fillet – all served with Chips and salad.


Please book your place by email -  walthamchaseinfo@talktalk.net and pay on the night or at any Trial

Steve Earle will be our very entertaining musical quizmaster.


Awards Presentation 2015 – Advance Notice

The 2015 Awards Presentation will be held on Saturday the 14th March at the Roddington Forge Music Club. Full details will be uploaded, along with all award winners after Christmas.

Electric Powered Motorcycle Lanyard Cut Outs

Important Information for all Oset riders: The Trials & Enduro Committee have announced their intention to introduce the mandatory fitting of lanyard cut out devices for electric powered motorcycles in line with rule TSR8 in the current ACU Handbook, with effect from 1st January 2015


Southern Experts Trial at Butser LimeWorks 7th December – Observers

Observers are required for the” Southern Experts Trial” being held on the 7th December at Butser Lime Works.


Please advise by email if you are able to assist at this trial



EMAIL Newsletters and Events Updates

If you do not currently receive Waltham Chase news updates, and would like to, please send an email with EMAIL ADDITION in the subject field to walthamchaseinfo@talktalk.net


If you wish to be removed from our mailing list please send an email with PLEASE REMOVE in the subject field


We thank you or supporting Waltham Chase in 2014 and look forward to seeing you riding again in 2015