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News Update - 24th June



There will be no catering van at the Keith Marshall.


The Keith Marshal Shield

Rowlands Castle, Hampshire.

Sunday 3rd July. 10.30 Start.

Event Update – Additional Classes

As a result of a low entry the Club has added additional classes, on a no Championship points basis for B, C and D adult riders on modern machines to this Trial.

There are now classes available for all adult riders.

The Trial is still a round of the ACU Southern Centre Championship for Pre 65 (The George Allan) and Twin Shock classes only. Entries for these classes are very welcome.

To confirm, we will not be cancelling the event. This is a super venue for non-expert riders, with a long ride around the woods and welcome riders who have not been to Woodberry join us for the day.

To make these events work financially we need a minimum of 50 riders to cover the cost of the Land and Observers.

Classes Pre 65B, Pre 65C (George Allan), Pre65D

Twin Shock B, Twin Shock C, Twin Shock D

Air Cooled Mono B, Air Cooled Mono C

Rigid with Girder Forks D, Rigid with Tele Forks D

Youth Twin Shock (125cc) C, Youth TY80 D

Modern Machine - Rider Over 50 B, C and D

Modern Machine - Rider Under 50 B, C and D

The rules for this Trial are TSR22B Non-Stop, with the sections marked out accordingly.

And some good news – We only need two more Observers with bikes for a full complement of helpers.


Entry Link: Trials by Waltham Chase Trials MCC at Woodberry Lane - Sunday 3rd July 2022 (acu.org.uk)


Club Championship – Round 5, Sunday 10th July. 10.30 Start

Stop Press: The entry is currently very low for this Trial, Please book asap if you intend to ride. We may have to take the call to cancel if numbers do not increase.

Entry for Round 5 of the Club Championship, which is being held on our annual visit to Limekiln Lane, Ramsdean, is now open.

This is a super venue, at the back of Butser Hill.

As with all events they cannot happen without Observers and we would appreciate offers of help, with £20.00 expenses paid to all volunteers. Three or four Observers with bikes to get to the distant sections would be appreciated.

Entry Link: Trials by Waltham Chase Trials MCC at Lime Kiln Lane, Ramsdean - Sunday 10th July 2022 (acu.org.uk)


The John Wright Trophy Trial

Entry for The John Wright Trophy Trial, our next OTC event is being held at Manor Farm Langrish on 31st July is now open for booking on the ACU portal.

As always offers to Observer and to help mark out are appreciated are appreciated. We do out best marking out but accept we do not always get it right. Help please!

Trials by Waltham Chase Trials MCC at Manor Farm, Langrish, Hants. GU32 1RG - Sunday 31st July 2022 (acu.org.uk)


Mike Wiseman

Tel: 07533 741177