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News Update - 1st August


Practice Trial – Hut Hill, Saturday 20th August – 1.00pm Start

Back by popular demand, a Practice Trial with marked sections, including the steep banks we seldom use.

Members have commented that they need a challenge when practicing in preparation for the more challenging venues we use. (You do not have to ride the steep ones)

Our Club Coach, Ian Bird, will be at this event offering support and advice in a separate area, but groups being coached must be of the same age and ability, but there can be several groups throughout the afternoon.

The first group, subject to demand, will be Youth Beginners. Liaise with Ian when you arrive on the day for more info.

We are also considering Practice Days at different venues.


The Geoff Chandler Trophy Trial

(An ACU Southern Centre Championship Round)

Bunny Lane Sherfield English Sunday 28th August

Entry is now open on the ACU Portal.

Note: Due to parking restrictions the entry will be initially limited to 65 riders.

If harvesting takes place before the trial, and more parking becomes available, this number will be increased.

Places are guaranteed for riders providing an Observer.

Trials by Waltham Chase Trials MCC at Bunny Lane - Sunday 28th August 2022 (acu.org.uk)


The Club's 50th Anniversary Party - 15th October

Purchase online or at any Trial.

Social Activity by Waltham Chase Trials MCC at Otterbourne Village Hall, Otterbourne, Hampshire. - Saturday 15th October 2022 (acu.org.uk)


Section Marking

We have received some comments from members that sections at some Trials have been too challenging. We need to know about these things so that we can put them right – there is no point if you do not enjoy the Trials we put on.

Currently most of our volunteers are C and D route riders, we do our best, but really need the help of A and B route riders, especially at our Open Trials.

We realise that many of our members work and do not have the “Grey Team” luxury of time in the week to play in the woods, but we have a compromise. We will look for couple of volunteers to walk sections before the Trial starts and tell the COC if anything is not right so that it can be changed before the start. There is no problem with sections being challenging if they are safe.

The John Wright on Sunday will be our first test!


Section Visits

From an Observers comment.

A reminder, please ride the sections only once at each visit, unless you are riding an E bike, or are the guardian of a youth rider on an E bike.

It not only keeps the Trial flowing and helps riders keep track of the sections ridden, but also means there is no advantage gained if a section changes naturally during a Trial.


Signing Off

Another reminder: if you retire or leave early can you sign off at the gate, if staffed, or advise an Observer on a section near the start. This saves Observers waiting for absent riders to turn up.


Back Markers

If we can find enough volunteers to Observe the sections, we will have a Back Marker, with a bike, at future Trials. This is a multi-task job: Advising Observers of non-starters and retirements, consulting with the COC if changes or flags are required and giving Observers a break. Ian Bird is the BM on Sunday at Manor Farm.


Membership Fees

The Club membership fee is now reduced to £8.00 for the half year.


Why don’t I get event emails?

Check out the email address you have loaded on your ACU Account profile, this is the address we use for event information, if it is incorrect, you will not get entry confirmations.


Clerks of The Course

We need a COC at every event, without one there are no Trials!

We are looking to hold a local seminar later in the year and are looking for volunteers to get involved. Is there anyone out keen to get a COC Licence?

We are especially interested to hear from younger members – In Waltham Chase that means anyone under 70!

Seriously, we need some more young volunteers to keep the Club going in the future.


Dates Calendar

(Additional Oakridge Practice date to be confirmed)







31 July 2022

The John Wright

Manor Farm


06 August 2022

Summer Series R4



07 August 2022

Club Trial R6



20 August 2022

Practice Trial

Hut Hill


28 August 2022

The Geoff Chandler

Bunny Lane


17 September 2022

Summer Series R5

Oakridge Copse


Mike Wiseman (Tel: 07533 741177)