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Dates Calendar 2022

Waltham Chase Dates 2022

Additional members Practice Trials will be added which may include weekday afternoon/evening sessions.

To enter a "Restricted Trial" you need to be a member of Waltham Chase MCC and have 2022 Trials Registration.

To enter an "Open" Trial or Southern Centre Championship round you need to be a member of an ACU affiliated Club and have 2022 Trials Registration.

All event entries are made through the ACU Online Portal. It is not possible to enter on the day for Practice Sessions or Trials.

Practice Trials will be marked out with sections, just like a normal trial, so you can score yourself to see how well you are doing.

Waltham Chase MCC Dates 2022

Date Event Venue
23-Jan Club Championship R1 Hut Hill
13-Feb Club Championship R2 Hut Hill
25-Feb Awards Presentation The Mortimers
06-Mar Club Easy Trial Oakridge Copse
12-Mar Practice Day & Observer Training Hut Hill
20-Mar Club Championship R3 Rowlands Castle
02-Apr Youth Promotion Trial Hut Hill
10-Apr The Alan Sansom Ham Lane
30-Apr Practice Trial Oakridge Copse
08-May The George Greenland Manor Farm
28-May Summer Series Hut Hill
04-Jun Summer Series  Cadnam
05-Jun Club Championship R4  Cadnam
12-Jun The St Paul Bunny Lane
25-Jun Summer Series Hut Hill
03-Jul The Keith Marshall (Pre 67 and T/S) Rowlands Castle
10-Jul Club Championship R5 Limekiln Lane
31-Jul The John Wright Manor Farm
06-Aug Summer Series Trial Cadnam
07-Aug Club Championship Trial Cadnam
28-Aug The Geoff Chandler Bunny Lane
17-Sep Summer Series Oakridge Copse
24-Sep Summer Series Hut Hill
09-Oct The Hobnail Ham Lane
29-Oct Club Championship R6  Hut Hill
12-Nov The Francis Family Charity Trial Hut Hill
20-Nov Club Championship R7 Hut Hill
11-Dec Club Championship R8 Hut Hill
31-Dec The Dick Hoyles Hut Hill
22-Jan-23 Club Championship 2023 Hut Hill