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News Update 30th May 2020

Just a quick update as to where we are with the “get riding again plan”. The ACU have issued over 20 pages of Risk Assessment information and guidelines which we are currently digressing.

There are a couple of changes which will be added or amended to the document we issued earlier in the week, however I think we are pretty close to being able to sign off the Risk Assessment required to obtain a permit. One notable addition is that to be eligible to ride you must live within 40 miles of the Waltham Chas base.

We will be applying on June 1st for a permit to run a Practice Trial to be held at Oakridge Copse on Saturday 13th June. Sadly, this will be for Adult Riders only, however as soon as youth riders can compete, we will have some events just for the youngsters to.

As soon as we have the permit authorised you will receive an email from entry4walthamchasemcc@outlook.com  with a booking form and event details.

The session will be split in to two half days, with some strict timing rules to make sure there is no congestion at “changeover times”. You will not want to be reversing a trailer down a 100meter track if you turn up at the wrong time!

There will be no obvious signs directing you to the venue. We do not want any spectators or uninvited visitors. We need to know who is on site. I will send details with the “Entry Confirmation”

The plan is to have 15 “Practice Sections”, with a maximum of 3 riders being around any section at one time and following a strict route around the woods – but we guarantee you will have a long ride!

With regard to the rest of the year we will put a plan together after we have run the first Practice Session. There are unlikely to be any “Open” or “Centre” Trials in the foreseeable future, and with entry restrictions in place “Championships” may not be practical, but when we do run a scored trial we will be asking for a full compliment of Observers before we confirm the event, we will not be able to rely on our the day observers.

You may never hear the call out for “five more observers” ever again!

Fingers crossed we get the Permit and hope to see some of our members on the 13th.