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News Update 20th June

Waltham Chase News

Practice Trials

We still have some places available for the Youth + Adults session on Saturday the 27th June, but Sunday the 28th is now fully booked.

We have three more practice sessions booked using the same format “Just like a Trial – but no scoring”, at Cadnam on the 10th, 11th and 12th July.

 Please note that these sessions are not for “Freestyle Practice”.

When you book you do not need to email the entry form – just the small block with your information. Bring the entry form on the day.

These three dates were going to be our Camping Weekend, which has been postponed, but we will still use the dates to keep the venue “trials ready”.

The 10th will be for Youth only and the 11th and 12th for Youth and Adults.

The entries will be “open” next week.

There will be more sessions booked at Oakridge and Hut Hill.

We may even have a Camping Weekend later in the year – fingers crossed.

Hut Hill

We have now “taken back” Hut Hill from the contractors.  We still have some “Tree Work” to be carried out, following a tree audit, and then we will start to use the land again. The dangerous trees have orange paint and little metal tags on them – avoid!

Please note that the layby across the road from Hut Hill is no longer available as a car park. There are double yellow lines and parking restrictions.

The entrance to Hut Hill is a little wider than before, but you need to enter with caution

We have had a walk around Hut Hill and realise that there is a lot of the land that we do not use. We will be asking for helpers to do some clearing and cutting out to open new sections – be ready for the call.

Real Trials

In the world before Covid-19 we booked a Trial and then worried about getting Observers. Things have changed, before we request a permit for a Trial we will be asking for “Observers” to commit to that event– no longer will there be a shout out at the start of a Trial asking for Observers. My whistle has been blown for the last time!

In future coring will be carried out on score sheets with marker pens – with Observers suitably distanced from riders.