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News Update 17 September

Please note that all events are pre-entry only – there is no “on the day” entry.


The George Greenland

11th October at Limekiln Lane at Ramsdean. 10.30 start time. There are still some places available for this trial. Offers to observe appreciated, including some with bikes please for the distant sections. There is a Catering Van at this Trial.

The Geoff Chandler

18th October. Now fully booked.

The John Wright Trophy Trial (Permit 59729)

Saturday 7th November at Woodberry Lane, Rolands Castle. The entry opens for this Trial on Thursday this week.

This is an adult only trial. There is no “A” route due to the nature of the venue, however expert riders are welcome to ride in the Intermediate class. There will be a Catering Van at this Trial.

Hut Hill Practice

Provisionally booked for 15th November, but subject to parking being made available. We will update ASAP

Rider Numbers

A gentle reminder that Observers need to read your bikes Number Card from a distance – some are not readable and can result in incorrect marking. Can we ask that you make a printed card for your bike – thankyou.

On-Line Entry System

All is going well with the ACU online system, and I cannot see that we will ever return to on the day paper form entries.

There are a couple of minor issues; can you please make sure you add your “Rider Number” on your entry and select the correct machine  if you have more than one, and also the correct class you are entering.

Waltham Chase Club Classes and Routes

All sections are marked with Blue and red Flags and then follow a colour deviation if appropriate.

Expert               A Route               Green Deviation                                                              

Intermediate     B Route               Blue and Red         Riders who have won a Clubman Championship or have downgraded from Expert.             

Clubman              B Route              Blue and Red        No age sub class. Upgrade from Novice

Novice                  C Route             White                   With under 40 and over 40 sub classes.

Adult D                 D Route          Yellow                  Any age over 16. Easy route.

Youth Classes   Parents or guardians should decide on the routes to suit the rider’s ability. Waltham Chase do not adhere to strict ACU age grouping. Liaise with a Club Official at the start of a trial to make sure you ride in a suitable class.