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Geoff Chandler - Update


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Final Instructions – The Geoff Chandler Trophy Trial – Sunday 18th October

Please comply with social distancing and Covid-19 instructions and any signage to ensure current regulations are adhered to. It is essential that we do all we can to keep safe and are able to keep riding.

Read these instructions before you travel and check your emails, Facebook, or the Club Website, in case there are any last-minute changes before Sunday.

Clerks of Course: Gary Blackmore and Bill Latham

Gate Marshall: Steve Greenen

Venue Address and Driving Instructions

Bunny Lane, Sherfield English SO51 6FT

The post code gets you to the venue.

Please visit the map published on the ACU website, linked to the event, to find the exact location. The “pin” on the map is where you park.

Follow the Orange Arrows along Bunny Lane after you leave the A27 and look out for a gravel track on the right. Follow the orange arrows along the track to the venue.

Parking is restricted; you may need to unhook trailers when you park.

This event is “pre-entry” only. You cannot enter on the day.

There is no “Briefing” at the start of the Trial to avoid the grouping of riders, but you should check the notice board for any additional information before you ride.

A map showing the location of the sections will be posted at the start.

You must travel alone to the venue unless you share a vehicle with someone from the same household or “bubble”.

You should not bring any minders or spectators, except family members as above.

Casual “spectators” will not be permitted to enter the venue. The gates will be closed when all riders are booked in.

Please remember to make your own “Number Card” for your bike, with the riding number you have been allocated. Please use bold print so that the Observer can see it easily from over 2 meters.

If possible, please use coloured card or numbers to indicate the route you are riding.

The Club does not provide number cards.

There are no forms, pens, card, markers, or any stationery available at the “start”. This is to minimise the Covid-19 contamination risk.

The gates will open at 9.30am.

Riding commences from 10.30am.

The sections will close at 3.00pm

Please vacate the venue by 3.30pm

When you arrive inside the gate you must show your Rider Number and ACU Membership Photo ID to the Marshall to be “checked in”. This is all you need to do to “sign on”, you do not need to sign any forms or bring an entry form.

Park in the area as directed by the Marshall, leaving a minimum of 2 meters between vehicles.

Under current ACU legislation your machine will not be examined, but please make sure it is safe, all necessary protective clothing is worn, and the machine ridden is of the correct capacity for the rider.

From 10.20 start to move to the area, signed ENTRY TO COURSE, in groups of five, waiting at least 2 meters behind the group in front of you.

The Marshall will tell you when to start.                                                                                                            

Your group will be asked to go to a specific section to start, and from that section you should ride the sections in ascending order.

Whilst queuing to enter a section, riders should keep 2 metres apart and ideally in a single line.

Rider groups should wait until all riders in their group have finished the section before moving (as a group) on to the next section.

If the section in front of you is still occupied wait a safe distance of at least 2 meters, before proceeding.

Please ride the sections only once at each visit to keep the trial “flowing”.

The route is “One-Way”, Including the entry route and exit from the pit, and will be marked with “Orange Arrows” – do not back track or ride against the “flow”.

 Do not ride on the recently planted area when going to the pit.

There are 3 laps. The number of sections will be confirmed at the start. (Between 12 and 15)

The method of marking for this trial is TSR22A – Stop allowed.

There is no formal lunch break but stop for a break after your first or second visit to section 15, depending upon which section you start on.

Please Note: There is a “risk assessed” Burger Van at this Trial. Please support the caterer’s if you can, even if only for drinks.

Current ACU ruling states that you should wear a face mask when queuing at the catering outlet.

If you “remove a flag” whilst riding a section, please replace it before moving on to the next section.

No rider should ride around the venue alone – except to get help following an accident or other medical emergency.

Remember to bring your own PPE, and a personal First Aid Kit. Please take all rubbish away with you. There is no disposal point.

If you fall off, and do not need assistance, give a Thumbs Up sign to indicate that you are OK.

Please do not “race” between sections or in the Paddock.

Results will be delayed by a maximum of 3 days, during which times the score sheets will be quarantined.

Please do not take dogs on to the course.

The Nearest A&E is:


Salisbury District Hospital

Tel: 01722 336262

Odstock Road



 The rules for this Trial are:



Riders can stop and balance, hop and bounce the machine forwards or sideways without penalty.

They are not allowed to move backwards which is a fail.

Marks are lost as follows:

0   Clean

1   Footing once

2   Footing twice

3   Footing more than twice

5   Failure

 A failure is considered to have occurred if:

 a) The machine moves backwards.

 b) The rider does not have both hands on the handlebar WHEN FOOTING WHILST STATIONARY.


 d) The rider dismounts from the machine. Dismount will be deemed to have occurred when both of the rider’s feet are on the ground at the same side of, or behind the machine.

 e) A rider is requested to leave the section by the observer for “unnecessary delay”.

 f) A machine does not stay within each section marker.

 g) If any wheel of the machine crosses any boundary tape or marker whether the wheel be on the ground or airborne before the front wheel spindle passes the “Section ends” sign.

 h) The rider is held responsible for displacing a flag, marker, or support etc.

 i) Travelling in a forward direction against the direction of the Section.

 j) The machine or rider receives outside assistance.

 k) A rider or person having an interest in a rider’s performance, who in any way alters the severity of a section without the authority of an official.

These rules allow riders to stop while balancing without losing a mark, however if they do not move on within a reasonable time you can request, they move on or be marked as a ‘fail’ under section e) above