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News Update

Waltham Chase News

I guess its fingers crossed regarding Covid for the next couple of weeks and we can only hope that we do not end up in another lockdown.

If all goes to plan, we will be able to hold five or possibly six events before year end.


The Geoff Chandler

Results for the Geoff Chandler can be found on the Club website. Look under “Results”, they may not be sequenced correctly – but they are there! There is some website progress.

With Observers donations and rider’s entry fees we have sent a cheque for £300.00 to the landowners nominated charity – Muscular Dystrophy.

In these challenging times it is good that we can help others who have had a tough time this year.

Thanks to all who helped make it happen.


The John Wright – Rowlands castle – 7th November

There are five places available as of today.

A great ride around the Enduro track. Nothing too challenging, but hopefully our “Flaggers” will come up with some technical sections to take some marks.

The venue can be found using https://what3words.com/puppy.positions.fumes   Thanks to Andy Parks for pointing us in the right direction.


What3Words works with various maps and navigation systems including Google Maps, and if free to download and use. If you save the location to the app on your phone you can then just navigate straight there. Using a unique three-word combination it will navigate you to a 3m square anywhere in the world. We will use the three words for all venues.

Observers – The John Wright

We need ten more observers for The John Wright, some with bikes, to get to the distant sections. Please reply to this email if you can observe at this Trial.


Practice Trial – Hut Hill 14th November

Fully booked but look out for cancellations.

11.00am Start – Gates close at 3.00pm – Darker nights are on the way.


Practice Trial – Oakridge 28th November

Places Still available – Should be some mud by the end of November for you to enjoy!

This event is ideal for Youth Riders.


Ham Lane Working Party – Work Rest and Play!

This is a little radical, but we do not do “normal” at Waltham Chase!


We are planning an organised working party and practice session, held under Covid rules, and covered by an ACU permit at a new venue, Ham Lane in Langrish on Friday 20th November. (A Friday to avoid other sporting activity and shooting which takes place in the vicinity).

This is the old motocross circuit, with some steep climbs, banks and a large area of woodland.

The plan is to turn up at 10.00am, work in a designated area to do some cutting out and then “make a section” ready for a Trial, have a break and some lunch and then ride all the sections that have been created to make sure they are OK.

The session is limited to 20 riders, or non-riders.

To book a place you will need to enter through the ACU portal, do not turn up if you do not have emailed confirmation. The event will go live next week.

Brush cutters, strimmer’s, hand tools and glovers are required.

There will be a small charge of £10.00 to cover the permit fee and a donation for the farmer to cover his expenses which may include moving cattle to provide parking.

The plan is to hold a Trial at the venue on either the 13th or 31st December and again in 2021.

This is a great opportunity to not only have a play day and, but to develop a great venue for the Club moving forward.


Unauthorised Riding

Not sure if we should call it illegal or unauthorised? We have had reports of unauthorised riders on Trials bikes at Hut Hill, Woodberry Lane, and Bryces Farm (Bryces owners have the riders captured on CCTV!)

A big risk here – we could lose the use of the land. Enough said!


For Sale: Mike Cooper bike rack, In excellent condition, little use. Email me for sellers contact info.

Wanted: Petrol bike, suitable for a 11-year-old, under £1k: Email for sellers contact info.

2021 ACU Trials Registrations - Reminder

We now have 2021 “Magic Numbers” available, which are required to renew your ACU Trials Registration. The number will be issued when you renew your Club Membership, or you can request by email.

The 2021 Licences will be available for Riders on the ACU Online system, via the members portal www.ride-acu.uk from 1st November.  

2021 ACU Trials Registration paper forms will be posted to Riders (By the ACU) who have not used ACU Online to apply for / renew licences. These will go out at the beginning of November.


Waltham Chase Club Membership 2021             

Membership Fees are the same as 2020. £15.00 for single membership and £5.00 for each additional family member.

You can renew your Waltham Chase Membership by post: http://www.walthamchasetrials.co.uk/forms/membership_form.pdf

It will not be possible to renew memberships at Trials this year, however you can deposit paper applications in a post box at a Trial.

Note: You can pay by BACS and email the form rather than post.


Waltham Chase Boys Motorcycle Club

A/C 00053045   Sort Code 30-97-14

For Reference use Surname / MEMBERSHIP

 Or you can renew via the ACU portal : https://www.ride-acu.uk/Secure/Club-Membership/