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News Update 21 November


Waltham Chase Events Update

Online entry is now open for the Club Practice Trial being held at Oakridge Copse on Saturday 5th December and also for the John Wright being held on 12th December at Woodberry Lane.

Event details can be found in the "Supplementary Regs" on the ACU portal.

Upcoming Events

Due to the lockdown and venue availability we have had to reschedule our upcoming events.

The revised dates, which are all subject to the “Lockdown” ending on 2nd December and not having entry limit restrictions imposed are:

Saturday - 5th December          Practice Trial – Oakridge Copse

Saturday - 12th December        The John Wright – Woodberry Lane

Thursday - 17th December        Ham Lane Day, Langrish

Thursday – 31st December     The Dick Hoyles – Ham Lane 

We will not promote or publish until the ACU issue permits but will advise members as soon as the events go live.

We will need Observers for The John Wright and the Dick Hoyles – be ready for the call!

Ham Lane Working Party and Practice – Two hours work, and two hours play!

We have rescheduled the Ham Lane day to Thursday 17th December as we need to prepare the venue for the Dick Hoyles on New Year’s Eve. We will seek help from members to do some cutting out and create sections at this new venue.

Thursday is an odd day, but fits in with local shooting dates and seasonal committments.

You can ride all the sections for practice for a couple of hours after the they have been cut out and created.

Entry will be through the ACU portal to keep it safe and within group number guidelines.

Club and ACU Trials Registration Renewal

Just a reminder - you will need to renew your Trials Registration and Club Membership to enter events through the ACU Portal for trials and practice sessions held after January 1st.

During this pandemic, where there is no paperwork at Trials, it is easier to renew both your Waltham Chase Club Membership and ACU Trials Registration online.

For Club Membership use:


You may need to click option “B” and search for Waltham Chase to renew for 2021.

For Your ACU Trials Registration use:


If you require an ACU “Magic Number” or are joining for the first time or would like to renew manually please request by emailing:

walthamchasetrials@outlook.com . We will send the information you need by return.


Your 2020 rider number will be retained for 2021