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AGM Minutes - 2021

The Waltham Chase AGM for 2020 and 2021 was held at Cadnam Lane on Thursday 5th August.

Accounts were presented for the period 2019-2021, with a financial report for 2021 being made at the end of October.

Actions agreed will cover the period through to October 2022, when the next AGM will be held.

Thanks were recorded to Mark Parry Norton for making the venue available and to Nicky Seaman for delivering and erecting the marquee.

Sue Wiseman was thanked for organising the refreshments.

Apologies were received from:

John White

Steve Shergold

Gary Blackmore

26 Club members were present. This being an adequate number for a quorum.

Minutes of the 2019 AGM

The minutes of the 2019 AGM, which had been posted on the Club Website, were approved as a true report of that AGM.

Chairman’s Report

It’s been a challenging period for all sporting Clubs, with Covid restrictions halting activity, Waltham Chase had additional problems with the loss of use of Hut Hill.

We carried out all the Covid Risk Assessments and purchased the necessary PPE. Our first couple of practice days were challenging, but we managed to run events whenever possible. Our “Just like a Trial” Practice days were popular, where it became evident that many riders are not interested in points – they just wanted to ride. More of these events will be held.

We have managed to keep safe so far but need to be cautious in the future. Covid has not gone away.

Spectators are now permitted to attend Trials, but we will need to know who is at the venue. We do not want casual spectators walking around our events. We should also be mindful that our landowners need to be protected.

We have operated without a committee or committee meetings for over 18 months and propose to move forward with a smaller committee, but with several smaller groups of volunteers focusing on specific actions or issues.

These groups are documented in these minutes.

We have several members who are willing to help without the commitment of being a committee member.

Waltham Chase MCC has a great group of riders and members. I look forward to another 12 months as chairman and will caretake for the next generation.

Club Membership

The Club has a current membership of 217, including new members.

35 members from 2020 have not renewed for 2021.

It is a concern that there are a low number of youth members. This may be because of the nature of the trials run.

Jim Gray offered to head up a steering group to look at promoting the Club to recruit youth members.

Hut Hill

Club home venue, Hut Hill has been a challenge. We lease the woods, but not the main parking area. The contractors who have been using the parking area moved out this week, but we need to make sure the entrance is secure.

Our first trial is booked at Hut Hill on Sunday 15th August, with a working party on Friday 13th to tidy the venue and cut back some of the overgrown areas.

The landowners advised of an historic RPI lease increase last year, but this has not yet been applied, but we will accrue for this eventuality.

We have incurred a charge of £300 for a site “Tree Survey”.

Jack Bryant and Trevor Gatrell carried out most of the necessary remedial “tree work” at no charge. Our thanks to them are recorded, and we will find a way to compensate for their help. There is a little more work to do which we will carry out ASAP now that we have access to the site.

A new parking area has been made which will hold about 30 vehicles at a cost of £200.00.

Other Venues

We have been very lucky to obtain the use of Ham Lane and Manor Farm, with Oakridge Copse being our main venue for our practice days during the periods of restrictions.

Thanks were extended to Mick Morris and Tony Henbest for making the venues available.

Events Held

Total of 37 Trials or Practice Events have been held since October 2019

Awards Presentation

We were unable to hold an awards presentation in 2021 but plan to hold one in February 2022. Sue Wiseman and Sally Garland volunteered to organise venues and awards. There is an accrual in our accounts to cover the cost of trophies.

Camping Weekends

We held two last year between the lockdowns and two this year and plan to do the same in 2022. The weather has not been kind to us, but we have made the best of what is available. Thanks to our host Mark Parry Norton.

Finance Report

Accounts 2019-2020

The significant numbers are:


Trials Entry Fees




Awards Ticket Sales






Awards Raffle









ACU Levy and Insurance




Awards Presentation


Camping Payment


Trophyman - Awards




Committee Expenses and Meetings


Hut Hill Lease


Club Clothing


Muscular Dystrophy Charity Donation


Leo Charity


Brain Tumour Charity Donation


Stationery, Printing & Cartridges


Other Expenditure





Operational Loss


The loss for the period is mainly due to Hut Hill not being used, whilst the land lease payment was still made. This action was agreed to maintain continuity of the lease.

 The Club has a healthy reserve which protects the club in such situations.

Accounts 2020 -2021 YTD

Accounts for this period will be finalised at the end of October, the end of the accounting year.

As of today, there is a positive balance of £2.194.00, including an accrual of £1,600.00 for trophies and awards

Nationwide Treasurers Trust Account

The Nationwide Deposit account was closed, and funds transferred to the TSB Current Account. Nationwide no longer manage or support small club “Treasurer Accounts

TSB Current Account

The main Club account balance as of 5th August is: £9201.03.

There are several in and out transactions pending.

Club Assets

Load Lugger.

Camping Trailer.

Value written down to zero.

Club Affiliation (ACU)

It was agreed to remain affiliated to the ACU. The benefits of the ACU “Online System” were discussed and it was agreed that in view of these benefits the ACU was the best option.

Election of Officers for 2021

In line with the Constitution the Committee all existing officers retire at the AGM

Several existing committee members have indicated that they are happy to carry on for another year, some are stepping aside but will still be involved as helpers, and we have some new volunteers.

We will focus on getting helpers on board rather than a big Committee.

We need some volunteers who can mark out and set up trials.

We have Bob Hampton and Colin Mew for example and Paul Garland has volunteered to recruit helpers for marking out at Trials.

 Officers for 2021-2022

  • Hon Chairperson                                 Mike Wiseman
  • Presentation and Awards                   Sue Wiseman, Sally Garland
  • Minutes Secretary                              Maureen Latham
  • Club Secretary                                     Mike Wiseman
  • Treasurer                                            Mike Wiseman
  • Membership Secretary                       Sue Wiseman
  • Child Protection                                   Maureen Latham, Sally Garland
  • Defibrillator Team                              Sally Garland, Phil Clelland
  • Environmental Officer                        Gareth Plews
  • Clerks of Course

Steve Greenen

Dave Henvest

Jack Bryant

Andrew Bryant

Bill Latham

John Denham

Steve Shergold

Steve Earle

Ian Bird

Mike Wiseman


  • Technical Officers

Steve Greenen


  • Club Trainer

Ian Bird


  • Event Organisers

Same as Clerk of Course list.

All COC and Examiner licences expire in December 2021. Current and new volunteers are invited to apply to join the next seminar.

There is an urgent requirement for at least one more Technical Officer.

Applications received so far from John White, Steve Shergold and Steve Earle.

Online Entry system

After years of denial, we now use the ACU online system.

It was unanimously agreed that the online system will be used for all future events.

The 3% admin charge applied by the ACU is good value compared to managing cash and cheques and trips to the bank.

There are no longer any issues with Club Membership or ACU Affiliation checking. To enter an event riders must be a club member and have a competition licence.

Riders are to be advised that it is not possible to transfer an entry to another rider.

Online Entry Cancellations

The Club cancellation policy is:

If you cancel no later than the published “Close Date” riders receive a refund. There may be a £3.00 deduction made by the ACU to cover administration.

If you cancel after the close date, and we can reallocate your place riders receive a refund.

If riders do not turn up on the day no refund is issued.

Membership fees, Entry fees and Observers renumeration for 2022

Club Membership fees are £15.00 for single membership and £20.00 for Family Membership

Currently reduced by 50% for rest of the year.

Entry Fees: Practice Trials £15.00 (Youth £10.00). Club and OTC Trials £20.00 (Youth £15.00)

This reflects landowner payments, Observers’ payments, ACU fees and an accrual for awards.

Some concessions may be applied for two-day events such as Camping Weekends or promotional Trials.

Observers are paid £20.00 expenses.

We now also pay all Officials £20.00 per event, as we do not hold any subsidized meetings which was the old committee benefit.

If a member incurs any expense for travelling or equipment they should claim.

Membership Cards

It was agreed that Membership Card have little value as on-line event bookings are only possible if a member is ACU affiliated and is a member of an affiliated Club.

Membership Cards will in future only be issued to members requesting one.

For 2022 an online membership confirmation card will be issued.

Riding Numbers

Waltham Chase MCC issue a rider number to all members.

This number is valid for the duration of membership and is used at all Trials.

Members who do not have a “Number Card” should request via Sally Garland at: sallygarland@sky.com

We aim to have 100% compliance by the end of September.

Events to be held in 2021

It was agreed that in 2022 the Club will run a Club Championship Series, a Summer Series, and all current “OTC” events.

Practice days will also be held at Oakridge and Hut Hill.

A sub committee group will organise, with the Clerk of Course taking ownership of each event.

Rider Classifications.

It was agreed that the Classifications for 2022 will be:

Expert – (A – Green - Route)

Clubman Expert - (50/50 A & B Routes)

Clubman (B Red - Blue Route)

Veteran - Over 50 (C – White Route)

Sportsman - Under 50 (C – White Route)

Novice -Adult (D – Yellow Route)

Pre-65(C and D Route)

Twin Shock (C and D Route)

Youth A, B, C, D and E

Riders are to be asked to make sure they enter events online using the correct classification.

Method of Marking

ACU rule TSR22A, “Stop Permitted” is used for all Waltham Chase Trials except The Keith Marshall and any other classic events held where TSR22B will be applied.

Observers will use Score Sheets. It was agreed that this is the preferred method. Three main reasons were recorded; Firstly, Observers know when all riders have completed their section and can pull flags without having to wait “just in case” a late rider turns up. The second reason being that the use of score cards can reduce the length of a trial by up to an hour and finally sections can be marked in different ways when an Observer does not have to stand at the end of a section.

Another consideration is that there is no opportunity for “self marking”.


Results for all Trials are sent to riders for checking prior to publication. This allows any corrections or appeals to be resolved before publication.

Setting out Trials

The Club has received some direct and indirect negative comments about the quality and severity of sections at some trials. This is a concern as all involved are volunteers who often give up a couple of days to make events happen. We have requested on several occasions help from riders to mark out with limited or no response.

Moving forward, Paul Garland has volunteered to solicit volunteers to help mark out. He may call upon you for help.

Defibrillator and First Aid cover.

After some considerable debate it was agreed that the Club would purchase a defibrillator.

Two Club members have offered substantial contributions towards the funding. The ACU have also been approached to contribute and the Club will make up the deficit.

Regardless, the equipment will be sourced and in place as soon as possible.

Sally Garland and Phil Clelland will co-ordinate a team of volunteers to purchase the equipment, organise training and manage event logistics.

First Aid Cover at Trials.

The Club’s aim is to have a trained first aid person at all events. Sally Garland will manage. MW will seek ACU funding to support the activity.

Training and Club Trainers

Ian Bird will organise some club training activity at scheduled events.

It was also suggested that the Club should organise training days from Expert or “Star” trainers. We will give this consideration for 2022. Not all comments were positive.

Observers Training

Dave Henvest and Tony Knott will organise Observer Training sessions at Hut Hill or Oakridge. Details will be circulated to members and other local Clubs.


The Club Website has adequate functionality and works well. It may be necessary next year to review the platform. No current action required.


Concerns were raised regarding the Club Facebook membership (733) in correlation with the actual Club Membership (217).

It was proposed to review all Waltham Chase FB members to confirm validity of membership.

Rob Owen and Sally Garland will assist if required.

A request was also made to have the FP page title amended with upper case first letters in Chase & Trials.

A further suggestion was to open a separate FB page for Club members only. This action was not agreed as the current page promotes to interested outsiders, but we need to make sure they are all legitimate.

Meeting Minutes

Following the request from Members the minutes from any meetings held will be circulated to all members by email and posted on the Club Website.

Social Events

The meeting was asked to consider a social events calendar. If members have any suggestions for non-sporting events, please advise.

Club Logo

It was agreed that the current Club Logo “does the job”, and no further action will be taken to introduce a new one.

Club Clothing

A “Clothing Order Request” will be sent to all riders within the next two weeks.

TSR18 – Route Marking

It was agreed by riders not to change our current yellow and white route markings this year to conform with ACU rule TSR18

Photography and TMX reporting

Andy Withers is to be thanked for his support with event photography and the compiling of TMX reports.

From the 25 members present no one subscribes to TMX. It was stated that Club Websites have killed off TMX for local Club activity. To discuss further with AW.

Trials Express

Jim Gray proposed that Waltham Chase events were promoted and reported on via the FB Trials Express platform. Jim is to investigate benefits etc and will report back.

Catering at Trials

We have catering vans for most trials, but from time to time they may not be available. In these situations, riders will be advised in the final instructions, issued before the Trial.

It was agreed that the “Burger Van” is part of the trials experience.

Provisional dates for 2021

These will be agreed in October when the Centre dates calendar opens.

Venues for 2021

All existing venues will be used. There is no immediate need to source new land, however if a member is aware of suitable venues please advise.

 Thanks to all who attended.

 Mike Wiseman