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News Update - 21st November


Rider Numbers

Just a reminder for Waltham Chase Members, when you enter any Waltham Chase Trial, please add your Club Rider number on your entry in the “Event Specific Information” field on Sport80. If you do not someone has to manually ad it!

Can you also make sure you have a printed, clearly visible number on your bike. If you would like one printed, please ask Sally to provide one via email: sallygarland@sky.com

From January 2024 riders not having a printed number card will be debited ten points. Please think about our Observers – they need to know who you are.


Rider Numbers 2

At our last Hut Hill Trial, I was asked by a member if any “low rider numbers” are available for 2024. I made a note and then washed it away in the jeans! If it was you, please drop me an email and I will endeavour to find you a nice number.

If a Club membership was not renewed in 2023 those rider numbers will be reallocated in 2024. This will reduce the number of “high” three digit numbers we issue.


The Christmas Trial (Club Championship Round 8) – 10th December at Hut Hill.

Entry is now open on Sport80 for our Christmas Trial which is Round 8 of the Club Championship.

Note the earlier start time- 10.00am – Its Winter!

Offers to observe appreciated, for which £20.00 expenses are paid. Please email walthamchasetrials@outlook.com if you are available.


Evet entry Link is via the link: https://acu.sport80.com/public/wizard/e/201998

Debs Catering Van is confirmed – have you tried the Chicken Wrap yet?

Fancy Dress is very welcome at The Christmas Trial – let’s get a little “Christmassy”, before Christmas is banned!


Waltham Chase MCC

The Dick Hoyles – 31st December at Hut Hill

Entry is now open on Sport80 via the link: https://acu.sport80.com/public/wizard/e/201999

Offers to observe appreciated, with £20.00 expenses paid. Please email walthamchasetrials@outlook.com if you can help.

Debs catering van confirmed.


What’s Next………………and then it will be time for Round 1 of the 2024 Championship on Sunday 21st January.  We currently have seven Championship Rounds planned for 2024, along with 21 other events. (We may fit another in!)

You can view the Club dates at: Home - Waltham Chase Motorcycle Trials Club (walthamchasetrials.co.uk)


2024 Club Membership

2024 Waltham Chase Club Membership is now open via the link:


There are three membership types, Adult, Youth (Under 16 years) and social.

Membership fees are unchanged for 2024.

Family memberships are not available as your ACU licence is linked to your Club Membership type.

A reminder that all Members are asked to “Observe” or provide an “Observer” at least once each year at a Waltham Chase Trial.

The renewal process is quite “slick”- remember those old “Magic Numbers” and paper forms!


Mike Wiseman: Tel: 07533 741177