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News Update

The John Wright – 7th November – Rowlands Castle       

Currently 5 places available, for Adult and Youth Riders.

Offers to observe appreciated - £20.00 expenses paid.

There will be a Burger Van at this Trial.

Practice – Hut Hill – 14th November               

Fully Booked - Entry Closed. Look out for additional practice dates at Hut Hill.

We have volunteers to “manage” the trees and the contractors are starting to work on the parking area inside the wood. Its likely to be a couple of months before we can run a proper Trial at Hut Hill. For new members, the issue we have is that we lease the wood, but not the parking area at Hut Hill – We will return!

Practice Trial – Oakridge – 28th November             

10 places currently available. On-Line entry only.

The Alan Sansom Trial.           

From the Club, Observers and Members donations we have made a donation of £200.00 to Alans Brain Tumour charity fund. A copy is posted on FB. Thank you- same again next year?

Riding Numbers                  

 What can I say? Some members have bikes worth over £6k and a number plate made from an old Christmas Card, with a scribbled number! Regular observer, Sally Garland has a solution for you, check out Sally on the Waltham Chase FB page for details. Number plates can be collected at the start of a trial with your donation dropped into a “Covid secure” money box.

We can confirm that Waltham Chase riders will retain their 2020 riding number for 2021.

Club Website     

We have recently changed our web provider and have a few issues – please bear with us. The cause of the problem I am told is “the new server is based in Europe its regional language settings are set to "English (American)" rather than "English (British)" and is causing problems with dates”. All beyond me but someone is on the case!

2021 ACU Trials Registrations    

We now have 2021 “Magic Numbers” available, which are required to renew your ACU Trials Registration. The number will be issued when you renew your Club Membership, or you can request by email.

The 2021 Licences will be available for Riders on the ACU Online system, via the members portal www.ride-acu.uk from 1st November.  

2021 ACU Trials Registration paper forms will be posted to Riders (By the ACU) who have not used ACU Online to apply for / renew licences. These will go out at the beginning of November.


Waltham Chase Club Membership 2021             

Membership Fees are the same as 2020. £15.00 for single membership and £5.00 for each additional family member.

You can renew your Waltham Chase Membership by post: http://www.walthamchasetrials.co.uk/forms/membership_form.pdf

It will not be possible to renew memberships at Trials this year, however you can deposit paper applications in a post box at a Trial.

Note: You can pay by BACS and email the form rather than post.


Waltham Chase Boys Motorcycle Club

A/C 00053045   Sort Code 30-97-14

For Reference use Surname / MEMBERSHIP

 Or you can renew via the ACU portal : https://www.ride-acu.uk/Secure/Club-Membership/