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News Update 18th March

Stop Press - Members Bike For Sale

For Sale: 2009 Sherco 290cc. £1950. Good beginners bike. For more info please email andy4444w@gmail.com or phone 07445251429


Waltham Chase News Update

Practice Trials – 2nd and 3rd April (11.00am – 3.00pm)

Both dates are now fully booked but do look out for slots that become available on the ACU portal.

Just a reminder that there is no “on the day” entry.

More practice session dates will be released soon, including weekends, using free dates from the Centre Calendar.

As per last newsletter we are running an Observer briefing session at the Practice Trial being held on the 2nd – ideal for those would like to “observe” but are not sure what to do.

If you would like to join the session, please advise by email.


The Francis Family TrialSunday 11th April

Entry Closed.

If you have a confirmed booking that you are likely to cancel please request a cancellation by email.  There are some “old boys” who would love to ride at this Trial.

The main issue at the venue is “parking”, hence the entry restrictions.

Just a reminder, that casual spectators are not currently permitted to attend Trials. Please do not turn up if you are not on “the list”.

We have a full complement of Observers. Thanks to all who have volunteered.

Andy Withers will be taking the “pictures” on the day. If you do not want to be photographed, and possibly have images used in promotional material for any reason please advise Andy on the day or advise the Club via email.

Confirmation – “A Burger Man” will be on site; he now takes “Cards” as well as cash - please support if possible.


The Dick Hoyles – 18th April

Entry Closed

We still need three Observers, with bikes if possible, to get to the distant sections.

Sam’s Catering Van will be at this Trial.

The rules regarding spectators are changing all the time. We will advise if they are permitted. It is all about keeping everyone safe. Under our current process we have details of everyone at a venue. When you “open the gates” all sorts of people walk in – most I am sure are OK – but you never know!


Practice Trial – Oakridge Copse – Friday 30th April (11.00am – 6.00pm)

This Trial is now open, but almost fully booked. Log in to the ACU portal ASAP to secure a place if you intend to ride.


The George Greenland Trophy Trial

Entry Closed

This is the first round of the ACU Southern Centre Trials Championship, being held at Manor Farm Langrish on May 9th.

The entry will open on 20th March 2021 at 6.00pm, this saves you getting up at silly o’clock to book your place.

Regs for this Trial, showing the new entry classes, can be viewed on the ACU portal.

The initial entry will be open for the “Championship Classes” only. Depending on available capacity we will release slots for riders not taking part in the Championship.


Youth Riders

We had intended to run some” Youth Only” sessions in 2021 but have a problem! We just do not have enough Youth Riders, out of a total Club Membership of 161 riders we have just 9 youth.

The average age of Waltham Chase Club Members is over 50 – we need some more youngsters on board!

However, all is not lost, Waterside Junior MCC are running the “New Forest Oset Cup”. This series is for Youth riders only, up to the age of 14yrs old, riding any sized Oset and up to an 80cc petrol trials bike. The rounds will be open to any youth with ACU Trials Registration. Please support the Waterside Club with this series, but we hope to see come Club Members picking up some awards.   


Defibrillators and First Aid

We have only had three responses regarding Defibrillators. Are there any more thoughts before we decide how to move forward?

How many members would be prepared to use the equipment in the case of an emergency, and would you be prepared to be part of a “team” who took responsibility for looking after, using, and making sure the “kit” was at every Trial?

One suggestion made was to always keep the equipment at “Section1, as part of the “Procedure” and for a responsible person to wear a “Green Bib”.

On the subject of “First Aid” – Do we have any members that are trained First Aiders able to assist if required?


Rider Numbers

We have several “Scoring Trials” coming up where we will be using “Score Sheets”. To make this work you need a clear “Rider Number” on your bike – Observers can no longer “cuddle up close” to see what your number is.

To help Observers and to make sure riders scores are recorded correctly check out Sally Garland on the Waltham Chase Facebook page, Sally will make members a number plate for a nominal donation.

Number plates can be collected at any Club Trials.


Hut Hill Update

This is an update on Hut Hill, especially for our newer members – our home venue.

Waltham Chase MCC have leased the “wood” for as long as I can remember, however the hardstanding carpark area is not part of the agreement. Due to contractors using the carpark we have not had access for some 18 months. We have been paying our fees throughout this period to ensure continuity of the lease.

The contractors will move out no later than May but have agreed to make adequate parking available for our Easter Weekend activity. We have also started to create some parking places available inside the wood entrance.

We also have issues with some trees that were identified as “being in need of attention”. We have a small team of helpers who are planning to carry out the necessary remedial work.

Now for the next project! When the Contractors move out, we will have some new entrance gates, but we will need a small team, with “mechanical kit” to create a new entrance, using the concrete bollards already on site. This point of entrance needs to be big enough for a “burger van” but not wide enough for a caravan. 


Sidecar Trials

Only two replies regarding sidecar trials. We will park this for the time being – but never say never!


Bikes Wanted

We have several new members looking for “bikes”. If you have one for sale, we will send details to interested parties, without sharing to the world.


Dates 2021

All Waltham Chase dates can be found on the Club Website. (Link below) All ACU Southern Centre Club trials dates are on the same page but check with the respective clubs for confirmation.

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