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News Update - 11th April

Waltham Chase News Update

Please note - Spectators are not currently permitted to attend any Waltham Chase events.

The proposed date is the 17th May, but subject to confirmation.

Dates for additional Practice Trials. There are 4 Practice Sessions booked for May at Hut Hill, Oakridge and Cadnam. Details will be sent to members.


The Francis Family Trial – Sunday 11th April

This Trial is also full, with a closed reserve list. Entrants will be sent final instructions by email.

The Dick Hoyles – 18th April

This Trial is now fully booked with a reserve list. 

However, we do need a little help with this one. Are there a couple of members available on Wednesday 14th, working as a pair to set out three or four sections with some associated cutting out and tidying? Please contact Mike Wiseman if you can help.

We also need one more Observer, to cover an additional section. There will be 16 and not 15 sections as published – the venue has lots of potential, it would be a shame not to use most of the “good bits”.

An observer with a bike would be welcome.

Practice Trial – Oakridge Copse – Friday 30th April (11.00am – 6.30pm)

There is now limited availability.  Log in to the ACU portal ASAP to secure a place if you intend to ride.

The George Greenland Trophy Trial

Fully booked with a reserve list.

The “C” Words

I realise how the “C” words can offend some motorcyclists. However, as an inclusive Club we do our bit for Campers, Caravaners, and Campervanner’s, catering for all sorts of people – including the “great unwashed”!

For 2021 the Waltham Chase Camping Weekend is planned for the 5th to 9th August at Cadnam. We will not open bookings too early just in case we go back to “a lockdown or restrictions imposed”.

The Rally, which will be run under Natural England certification and rules, will only be bookable “online” and only open to Club members. 

Up to five days camping and at least a couple of days on the bikes may not be a bad holiday this year.

Full details will be circulated in April.


We are not really making much progress in this area. 

There has been limited input from members offering to “get involved”.

The current situation is that we could purchase the equipment but have no offers to manage or look after it. 

We will postpone any decisions until we are able to hold an AGM and discuss in more detail again.

Personally, I will not volunteer to take ownership for two reasons. Firstly, I do not do anything “medical”, and it would be just too much additional responsibility to add to the current job!

Rider Numbers

A reminder.  Handwritten bike number plates are not “observer Friendly”! Check out Sally Garland on the Waltham Chase Facebook page, Sally will make a number plate for your bike for a nominal donation. 

Number plates can be collected at any Club Trials.