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News - February 2021

Waltham Chase News

Well, that has been a quiet month, but I guess that by complying to government rules we are all doing our bit to keep everyone safe – but at least the bikes are all clean.

However, I do get a tad frustrated with the footballers still celebrating their goals and, along with the associated travel to and from the matches there must be unnecessary risks.

I am sure we could hold some much safer distanced practice sessions for say 20 members.

Personal rant over, sensible hat back on and thinking again about keeping all safe.

Things are not looking too good at the moment so it is unlikely that we will be riding again before March or April at the earliest. And even then, we may have to start riding with restrictions in place, taking things slowly - one dab at a time!

However, we do have a full calendar of events scheduled and hope that we can run as many as possible.

Dates Calendar – 2021

We have reviewed the events calendar and cancelled all activity until the beginning of March. The updated calendar, now showing venues, can be found by clicking the link:

Home - Waltham Chase Motorcycle Trials Club (walthamchasetrials.co.uk) 

The venues for our Open Trials are all booked, with the first, The Francis Family Trial, being held at Bunny Lane on 11th April.

Due to the uncertainty of what is likely to happen later in 2021 and possible event “entry number” restrictions there will be no Club Championships this year, however there will be plenty of opportunities to collect awards.

All dates are subject to cancellation or change if Covid restrictions are still in place.

Southern Centre Dates Calendar

The updated Southern Centre Trials calendar has now been uploaded to the Southern Trials Riders FB page. 

A tempoary copy is also printed on this Website on the Club Dates Calendar page.

The Dick Hoyles Charity Trial

This Trial has been rescheduled for April 18th, subject to then current restrictions, at the original venue, Ham Lane.

All riders who had their entry cancelled for the original NYE Dick Hoyles will have priority booking, a small gesture in view of the £3.00 cancellation fee incurred.

Practice Days

The Centre Calendar will be busy this year, compounded by the loss of at least two or more months sport. With this in mind we are considering holding some Friday practice sessions. Having a more “mature membership” this may work, with sessions possibly running from 1.00pm through to dusk to accommodate the younger school age members later in the day. Any thoughts?

Hut Hill and Oakridge Copse would be the venues.

These sessions will be for “members only” – a benefit of club membership.


There is still no opportunity to hold an AGM, however if you have any thoughts, issues or comments please get in tough. We have had several offers from members offering to “get involved” with marking out and running events etc which is always appreciated.


If we could hold an AGM, you can bet that we would spend 30 minutes talking about Observers – and agree nothing! So, let us get ahead of the game this year.

For 2021, if all goes to plan there will be at least ten Trials where we will need fifteen Observers. Can you think about who could help and be ready for the call?

We pay £20.00 expenses for all Trials.

Our sport is “Observed Trials” – so we really do need the Observers  - a bit like football without a ref!

We could possibly combine an Observers training session with a Practice Trial if required – just a thought? It is not uncommon to hear - “I would Observe if I knew what to do”? Anyone interested?

Face Masks/Snoods

We have just ten Waltham Chase branded Snoods left in stock, as modelled on Facebook by Baz Evans. They are much easier to use than conventional face masks, even if they do make you look like a Bandit.

We had planned to have them available to purchase at the Trials which have now been cancelled, but we can post to members.

The cost including postage is £6.00 for one or two for £10.00.

To order reply to this email with postal address. Payment details will be provided.

Club Membership.

Just a reminder that ACU Trials Registrations and Waltham Chase Club Memberships can be renewed online. Information can be found at:

 Home - Waltham Chase Motorcycle Trials Club (walthamchasetrials.co.uk)

Scaffolding Job

We are still looking for a scaffolder to build a small bridge, no more than about 1ft off ground,  at Ham Lane, Langrish. Any contacts or leads appreciated. It’s for the rider’s benefit – it will make the course longer and avoid some mud!

The project will require poles (aluminium or steel) and 6 X 3.9 m boards and 3X 3 m boards, plus rails, fittings, and expertise to build it!Cash job.

Bikes Wanted

We have members looking for Beta 80’s (Small and Big Wheel versions) and a reasonably priced 125. Email details of anything for sale and I will forward.

If there is anything you need or have for sale, we are happy to share privately in newsletters sent to members. Everyone on the mailing list is someone we know.

Just ask.

Stop Press - There may be a Single Bike trailer on offer next month.



Mike Wiseman